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“This is just a collection of a few of my favourite tunes over the past 12 months that I think go well together. Most listeners will recognise quite a few, perhaps most of the tunes in my mix, however I think generally people can get too pre-occupied with always trying to play the latest music, and I tried not to get trapped into that approach when making this mix..
In terms of my style, whilst I like a pretty broad cross section of music, I usually find myself drawn towards a more traditional deep house sound. My only prerequisites are that a tune has to have a great rhythm, groove, and some warmth. Most of the really techy, banging stuff doesn’t interest me at all, has to have a bit of soul to it.

The mix itself starts out quite downtempo and then builds through the first half hour. The mix pauses for a moment in the mid section, then picks up the tempo again over the second half before bringing it down again at the end.”

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